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Good luck to 13 Black & 14 Black in Minneapolis at Northern Lights this weekend!

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Good luck to 15 Black playing at Lone Star!

Playing time article

Good morning, I just want to start this with a thank you. Thank you to all of our parents and supporters out there as without you none of this would be possible. Thank you for waking up early and staying out late for tournaments, thank you for bringing our players to practice when the weather is bad, thank you for listening to them tell you about their development and empathizing with their struggles as we all continue to grow. Empathy is so critical at this point because unlike sympathy where we create a feeling of distress and dislike, empathy leads to understanding and can inspire and motive us to persevere through our discomfort. So from all of us here, I just want to say THANK YOU for your support through the difficult and in the exciting, we appreciate it!

Now on to the meat of our discussion for this month. Playing time… Playing time is an interesting conundrum since at the end of the day, additional experience and playing time for one player will always be at the expense of another. Now I am sure you are thinking, well as long as my child is not the one it is at the expense of but sometimes that happens, it is your child. Sometimes you can work your heart out and still not play as much as others. It is not an easy decision, it is not a fun decision but playing time is based on trust. Players who execute well, who try to embody the ideals we look for in teammates, who not only make the play “better” but their teammates better, not only on the court but off. Those are the players who are going to get the go ahead when it is go-time.

This is why the team must always come first to any player who wants to be out on the court. Celebration and winning is fun but in every game there is only one team which can come out with a win. If that was the odds for a decision in life, would you place as much emphasis on the outcome? That is why, although we strive to win, that is not our end game here. These are young athletes and our first and foremost objective should always be to encourage them and guide them to the highest level that they want to play at. Success is cumulative and only through continued playing together and building a high level of trust will the odds begin to shift to the team’s favor. Volleyball in its essence is a game of errors, not an individual sport. This is what makes it so interesting, competitive and high intelligence. It distills down to how well any team can analyze a situation and find a solution at any given time. There is no such thing as perfect in volleyball, the game would be over before it began. So when things are going wrong and mistakes are happening, let’s all remain focused on the bigger picture. No-one has gotten to success without failure. Over and over we hear stories in life and business about how failure breeds success if given the right environment for growth, the same is true in volleyball. The players who push themselves through their failures, continuing to attempt more difficult techniques are the ones who at the end will see that serve drop in where they want, chase down that shanked pass and get it back into payable position, run a high powered offense which covers like the ocean and opens the right holes at the right moments. Those moments will come, some of them have already, we should celebrate those and continue to encourage this aggressive play and trying new things in our athletes because in every game there can only be one winner, but win or lose, no-one looks back on an athletic career and says, “but at 12s/13/14s I won this game/season and it was great.” When we look back, we want to be able to define our success as how far we were able to come, a litany of accomplishments leading up to the goal whether that be making Varsity, playing collegiately, being the best at the family picnic, playing professionally, everyone has a different goal they want to accomplish and so I encourage you to have a talk with your player, determine what that goal is and if they are taking the steps to reach it.

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Dallas Juniors offers club team experiences for all levels of skill. Our advanced teams are highly competitive. We train hard and encourage eachother to be the best players possible. These teams are comprised of girls focused on achieving their goals at the next level.

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